THIS IS WHERE WE’RE SUPPOSED TO LIST ALL THE SUPER BORING AND, FRANKLY, NARCISSISTIC INFORMATION ABOUT THE COMPANY. It might have a line or two about the future of storytelling, or something hard to follow about disrupting the visual brandscape…

…but nobody wants to read that. And we don’t want to write it. So here’s all you need to know: DESCENDANTS is a production company based in Toronto and LA. We’re turned on by smart ideas and will work with you to scale them to any budget. Our roster consists largely of ambitious young filmmakers, guided by a team of skilled and highly-awarded directors and producers. We actively mine for creative gems, be they broadcast commercials, digital, long-form or whatever comes next. You should also know that the wrap party WILL include karaoke, where our half-screamed renditions of tender soft pop ballads will soar like storm-swept nightingales.